One thing I’ve come to love about games I discover through itch.io is the breadth of topics and themes they take on. Often they’re quite heavy ones but I think that’s only natural; after all, it’s the heaviest emotions which inspire us the most, whether that’s the blossoming highs of love or the vicious weight … Continue reading 1365


In the grand pantheon of fighting games there are few names as storied as that of Tekken. It’s a series that I discovered quite young. I can just about remember long nights spent at my brother’s house playing Tekken 3 - well, I say playing, but more like button-mashing, as is tradition for any unskilled … Continue reading Tekken


When it comes to the era of Kickstarter-fuelled retro throwback games, perhaps none were as huge as Yooka-Laylee. I can remember when this game’s crowdfunding campaign was happening; it seemed like everyone on the internet was queueing up to fire money at then-nascent developer Playtonic, a group of ex-Rare employees who had gathered together to … Continue reading Yooka-Laylee