Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

If there’s one thing the labyrinthine lore of Kingdom Hearts needed, it’s a prequel. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PS3, PS4 [reviewed], PSP, Xbox One) Released Jan 2010 | Developed / Published: Square-Enix 10 years before Kingdom Hearts we join Terra, Ventus, and Aqua, three young students of the venerable Keyblade Master Eraqus. Terra and … Continue reading Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Pokemon FireRed / LeafGreen

There’s one thing with long-running series: you always get remakes eventually. This is especially true as franchises start to spread across consoles; it ought to come as no surprise that Pokemon started to remake titles on later consoles and handhelds, given the series’ core concept of community gaming, trading, and battling. Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen … Continue reading Pokemon FireRed / LeafGreen