Scoring System

Backlogs. They’re a pretty much inescapable part of gaming, in my experience. I’m sure all of us has games stacked up on the shelf that we’ve been meaning to get around to for ages now. I know I certainly have – and that’s what sparked this site. I know I’ll never really finish my backlog, it’s an neverending almighty colossus that towers over me – but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to tackle it. So that’s what I’m doing. Slowly but surely, a game at a time, I’m trying to chip away at my backlog and maybe write a few words here and there about the games I’ve played along the way.

The Dreaded Scoring System:

1/7 – ABYSMAL. Oh dear. Perhaps it’s broken, perhaps it’s savagely offensive, or perhaps it’s a barely-constructed mess. Either way, avoid it at all costs.

2/7 – POOR. A disappointment. Best not to bother with this unless you’re desperate for a naff time.

3/7 – MEDIOCRE. A game that makes you go, “Well, it’s alright…” but it’s a kind of drawn-out, unsure, and reluctant decision? These are those games. Might just be worth playing if you can get it on the cheap.

4/7 – GOOD. Sure, maybe something doesn’t quite work but at least it has heart, or a spark of excitement that makes it worthwhile despite the faults. Definitely worth a go if you can at least find it on sale.

5/7 – GREAT. Damn fine stuff, a game that doesn’t quite make the top echelon of games but sparkles regardless and holds the interest expertly. Make the time to give this a play.

6/7 – EXCELLENT. Games with a touch of brilliance. It might only just miss out on being an absolute favourite, but you should definitely play this.

7/7 – TOP TIER. As close to perfect as it gets, a game that surpasses any faults it might have and comes with the highest of recommendations. A must-play.